Search for Providers


To find out if a healthcare provider is in network for your employer's health plan,
please begin by typing the Plan or Group* number in the box below.  This
number can usually be found on your insurance card.

* It may also be called the Account number.

The Provider Search is currently offline due to a technical issue that Crescent is working hard to correct. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. If you need assistance finding a provider in network for your plan, please contact Stacey Brackett at 828-670-9145 extension 101. Thank you for your patience.

Please Note: The result of this search is based on data that was correct as of the date indicated. However, because the status of a provider can change at any time, Crescent does not guarantee the status of any provider indicated as "In Network" as a result of this search. Please confirm their network status with the provider, or by calling Crescent before receiving services.

The providers listed are unique to your particular healthcare plan. Therefore, even though a different employer may still be using the Crescent network, the same search using a different plan number may yield different results.

If you experience problems using this search feature, please contact Crescent at (800) 707-7726 or (828) 670-9145